Medicine Use Review

A Medicines Use Review (MUR) is a free NHS service with our pharmacist in our private consultation room. It is an opportunity for you to discuss the medicines you are talking, help you find out more about them, pick up any problems you might be having and discuss what works best for you.

MURs can only be provided for patients who have been using the pharmacy for the dispensing of their prescriptions for the previous three months. This does not, however, apply to prescription intervention MURs, which may be undertaken with a first prescription if deemed necessary by the pharmacist.

Questions or concerns, you can ask anything about your medicines.

The Medicines Use Review is the perfect way for you to improve the effectiveness of your medicines. Your pharmacist is able discuss any alternative options that might be available as well as offering advice to deal with side effects.

Your Pharmacist is always available to answer questions about your medicines, but a Medicines Use Review can provide a face to face consultation to discuss your medication.