Fast and Convenient COVID Testing for Travellers

If you’re travelling abroad, you need to book a pre-departure and arrivals Day 2 test in advance.

Whenever you go, we’ve got you covered as we have teamed up with Test Assurance Group (TAG) who can provide fast and convenient Covid-19 testing to all travellers leaving and returning to the UK.

As well as buying the test kits, you can also make an appointment to have your pre-departure test carried out by a qualified clinician at any of the branches below. 

Browns Pharmacy - Dovehouse Parade (Solihull)

Browns Pharmacy - Hawkesley

Browns Pharmacy - Yardley Wood

To book an appointment, simply call 0800 320 2021 now.  

Our services include:

  • Fit-to-Fly Testing
  • Day 5 Test-to-release
  • Day 2 Testing and Day 2 & 8 Testing
  • Day 8 Testing
  • Get results within 48 hours of your appointment for a standard test or within 3 hours of your appointment using our rapid service.
  • Receive a Fit-to-fly certificate via email